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The NZNMA was established in the early 1990s as a professional, non-profit organization of Health Professionals dedicated to the Promotion of Integrative Healthcare, incorporating Allopathic, Complementary and Alternative Healthcare. 

The aims of the association include research and education in all aspects of nutritional and environmental medicine, as they pertain to the preservation of health and prevention of disease, providing treatment options to optimise health in the community.

The NZNMA is independent of all governments, government agencies and other organisations and relies solely on Membership fees for funding.  

The NZNMA Defines Natural Medicine as:

Natural Medicine.  A system of advanced health care used to help promote, maintain or restore optimal health through the proficient application of selected natural modalities, in accordance with the homeostatic mechanisms inherent in all human beings.


Referral Service

A practitioner referral service is provided on this site. Those unable to access the Internet may contact the Secretary to be placed in touch with an appropriate health practitioner in their locality. This service is available throughout New Zealand.

Natural Health Sciences

Natural Health Sciences is defined as the study of the interactions of both nutritional and environmental factors with human physiology, biochemistry, pathology and anatomy.  It includes the clinical application of these interactions in the optimisation of health and the prevention and treatment of disease.

This may involve the removal of certain foods or chemicals from the patient's environment, the use of rotation diets and the provision of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids or other nutritional supplements.

Excesses or deficiencies of any nutrient or the presence of basic chemicals or electromagnetic radiation results in cellular dysfunction and illness.

The NZNMA is governed by the Executive Management Committee who control the management of the administration, the affairs, property and funds of the society, and have the authority to interpret the meaning of the rules of the society and any matter relating to the Society.

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The NZNMA Mission Statement

  • To facilitate the integration of and promote harmonious relationships with Allopathic, Complementary and Alternative HealthCare modalities in New Zealand .
  • To promote high ethical standards of practice and professionalism within the HealthCare sector
  • To communicate, foster and promote the benefits of Complementary and Alternative Medicine/Integrative Medicine
  • To act and promote NZNMA’s goals without being aligned to any one political persuasion or party.
  • To foster and encourage applied research and educational development into the causes, prevention and cure of disease; based on complementary and alternative medicine/integrated medical science.
  • To promote the understanding and development of Complementary and Alternative Medicine by conducting educational activities such as conferences, seminars and workshops among the HealthCare community and the lay public.
  • To establish and provide a Complementary and Alternative Medicine library, for the use of members.
  • To produce NZNMA publications.
  • To liaise with other organisations, bodies and individuals, having similar objectives and interests both within New Zealand and overseas.



Our Levels of Membership were updated  and as of the 1st of September 2019, these are our New Levels of Membership.


We now have 4 Categories of Membership, with Associate Natural Medicine Practitioner having 4 separate levels, depending on the amount of credits and years in practice.



The NZNMA requires ALL members to complete a Minimum of 20 hours per year of continued education.  Proof of this, in the way of photocopies of “Certificate of Attendance”, is to be provided to the NZNMA Secretary,

at the beginning of each financial year (1st April)  when subscriptions are paid.

Once you have been accepted as a Member of the NZNMA, you may also want to consider sending in an Application to join Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand "the charter" (previously called The New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners) 

Once you becom​​​​​​​e a financial member of the charter, you may choose to pay for Professional Indemnity Insurance through them, to practice in the modalities you are registered in. 

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