Information on joining the NZNMA
Thinking about joining the New Zealand Natural Medicine Association (NZNMA)?
On this page you will find information on how to join the NZNMA, as well as the NZNMA Application form for professional membership.  Just click on the link below to open the form.


Only applicants who are NZ residents and in active practice in New Zealand can be listed in the NZNMA register as being in ACTIVE PRACTICE. Overseas applicants who comply with the minimum requirements for NZNMA membership will be listed as members who are not in ACTIVE PRACTICE in New Zealand.




What is the process for application as a member of the NZNMA?

Download the NZNMA Application for Professional Membership form.  Fill in the details, enclose photocopies of your qualifications which have been verified by a JP. Enclose your non-refundable application fee of $50 and post to the NZNMA Registrar, Dr Jacques Imbeau, Registrar NZNMA, 100 Bush Road, Building 3, Unit I, Rosedale, Auckland 0632, New Zealand.


I am an overseas applicant and would like to know if my qualifications from XYZ school/University are adequate to become a member of the NZNMA?

As there are literally thousands of training establishments around the world offering courses/qualifications in natural medicine, until our Registrar has investigated exactly what your course entailed/offered, we are unable to tell you if you meet membership requirements.

If your qualifications were not gained in New Zealand the NZNMA Registrar may request further assessment (for example NZQA), in regard to any overseas qualification, for its New Zealand equivalent. If further assessment is required, this would need to be undertaken at your expense.

Please remember, that Full Membership of the NZNMA is open to all Natural Health Practitioners or other health professionals who hold a degree or its deemed equivalent, a minimum of 2 diplomas, or who has qualifications and training which are acceptable to the Executive Management Committee.

As well as this, you need to have been in full clinical practice for a minimum of five years and have undertaken recognised courses of training in the Health science subjects, e.g. anatomy, physiology, biochemistry & nutrition and be proficient in recognised diagnostic technique/s approved by the association.


Can I obtain Indemnity Insurance from the NZNMA?

 At this stage, the NZNMA do not offer Indemnity Insurance.  You can apply for membership with Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand, of which the NZNMA is a Professional Association. As part of your membership, you can choose their Indemnity Insurance policy. Their web site is


Can I get more involved with the NZNMA?

 Yes, our Executive sit 4 times a year, which includes the AGM in June. It is at the AGM you have the opportunity to be elected onto the Executive board. This is a voluntary position, for a committed person.  Please let the secretary know if this is something you are interested in.If you cannot find the answer to your question, then please email the Registrar


  • Applicants seeking Full Membership without all the required academic qualifications may apply for a “GRANDFATHER ENTRY”.
  • This will take into account the number of years the practitioner has been in full time practice and the experience that this has afforded him/her.
  • For further details, see 7. ENTRY STANDARDS in the NZNMA Application form, on the Join Page, whwere this can be downloaded.

The NZNMA requires ALL members to complete a minimum of 20 hours per year of continued education.  Proof of this, in the way of photocopies of “Certificate of Attendance”, is to be provided to the NZNMA at the beginning of each financial year (1st April)  when subscriptions are paid.

Once you have been accepted as a member of the NZNMA, you may also want to consider sending in an application to join Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand "the charter" (previously called The New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners)  Once you become a financial member of the charter, you may choose to pay for professional indemnity insurance, to practice in the modalities you are registered in. 

Have a query about joining and membership?
If you have a query about membership, Please read the information in the Frequently Asked Questions below to see if your question has already been answered.  Please do this BEFORE sending an email with your inquiry.

NZNMA Application For Professional Membership - DOWNLOAD